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There is a sustantial cost involved in providing quality service including the costs of overheads, couriers, telephonic/facsimile follow-ups and other related costs. Global Study recovers these expenses from the retainership/remuneration (representation fees) from the Institutes/Universities that are paid to it only on successful enrolment at the institution.

However, there may be situations when the student has taken our services and not enroll at any of the institutions due to any reasons whatsoever. This results in non-reimbursement of the expenses for such a case from the Universities to us. To cover such eventualities, Global Study will charge a refundable deposit.

Initial Counseling 
(Including course/country selection advise)



Application lodgement
(up to 3 applications)


Tk 5000 *
(refundable deposit)

* if a student does not get offer letter he can claim refund.
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